Tesa Devlyn

Author | Mystery, Romance, Travel

Shipping heiress Kate McShane refuses to marry for anything other than true love. Her secure world crashes when her father mysteriously dies. His business partner isn’t just the prime suspect–he’s pressuring Kate to marry him. Kate’s only option is to flee New York until the murderer can be arrested. Taking an assumed name, she boards a westbound train.

Texas Ranger Seth Morgan pursues his best friend’s killer to New York, but the trail goes cold. Weary from his vow of revenge, he hands in his star and takes another one as sheriff for a small railroad town in the Idaho Territory.

Kate’s anonymity is jeopardized when the handsome Sheriff Morgan thinks she’s a criminal on the run. The man irritates and excites her. He’s totally unsuitable. So why does the thought of leaving him and the charming mountainside town of Hope break her heart?

Loved this book, Tesa Devlyn really captures North Idaho, the story really paints the picture of how it would have been. Loved the characters and story line 😁


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Dangerous Disguise Tesa Devlyn